Canton Friends Worship Group

We Are Currently on Hiatus

We are not currently meeting in Canton. In the meantime, please use us a resource for other Friends Worship Groups in North Georgia. It is our hope to become a useful and integral part of our communities here in Cherokee County, all Metro Atlanta, and beyond.

For more info call Roy at 770-720-4669 or send email to

A Little about Our Approach

Welcome to Canton Friends! We warmly welcome all visitors here, and encourage seekers to investigate further the beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends, a Christian community historically and commonly called the Quakers.

When Friends are moved to speak, they rise and speak to the gathered group as led by the Spirit. Anyone in attendance may speak if led to do so. We only ask that all be led by the Spirit as to whether a particular message is for the individual alone at that moment, or is indeed for the ears of the entire group of Friends.

We believe that everyone has the Light of God available to them (John 1:9). Therefore, we share in responsibility and insight. In addition to the “vocal ministry” mentioned above, someone may also feel especially led to share a scripture verse, or even a song, but our meeting for worship is not planned or programmed in advance. Worship ends with the shaking of hands, followed by announcements and social time.

We stress and attempt to live our lives according to these basic principles, or as we call them “testimonies”: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality. These testimonies are not, however, simply another set of outward "principles" that guide us in living out our faith; we believe that they are instead reflections of an true, sincere, and constant inner change that the Light of Christ brings to our hearts. Therefore simplicity, peace, integrity, community, and equality are all testimonies that arise in daily circumstances from our changed hearts, that is, faith from the inside out!

(Updated: June 28, 2016)